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Meet Your Photographer


Hi, I’m Shardae, mother to 3 beautiful boys, wife to an incredible husband, and your completely dedicated Toowoomba photographer.

I spend most of my spare time with my camera slung around my neck, and if it’s not, I’m looking at new and interesting techniques and learning all the time. This is more of an obsession, than a profession. How could doing something you love, be considered work?

I love being able to capture images that stir a special feeling in you when you look at them. I want my clients to look at their photos and be taken right back to that moment. Feeling the love, connection and emotion that was felt right then and there. After all, isn’t that why we have our pictures taken?

I really look forward to meeting you and talking about what your goals are for a session. Perhaps you’ve got a beautiful new baby on the way (I do both maternity and birth photography). You might have recently said “yes!” and would like to have some photos taken for your engagement invitations. Or, maybe you would like to update the family photos or have some special pictures with a loved one (or even just yourself).

Let’s chat. We’ll talk about what’s important to you, and how I can make that special something that is happening in your life, all the more special with beautiful memories you can look upon for a lifetime. It would be an absolute honour to meet you.

Shardae Cannon.

Cherished Studios – Toowoomba Photographer


What Can I Expect At My Session?


I do most of my photography sessions outdoors in beautiful natural light. We’re very fortunate in the Toowoomba region, as we have so many wonderful locations to choose from. I can help you choose the location of your photography shoot, or if you already have somewhere in mind, that’s fine as well.

When we meet for your session, we’ll have a little chat and I’ll try and get the kids to warm up to me a little bit. I’ll probably crack some really lame jokes and just have a little muck around. When we start shooting the session, we’ll run through some gently posed shots and I’ll keep shooting in between capturing the real connections that happen as well.

I often like to let the children “take charge” at certain points, like directing poses or picking a spot to move to. This helps to make them feel important and involved. It also helps them warm up and bring their unique personalities out.

In addition to posing, I also LOVE to just let my families play and interact with each other. These photos are usually my favourites. They’re pictures of real moments, real connection and real love. Overall, I have a fairly laid back, go with the flow approach to my photography sessions.

Once your session has been finished, we’ll head off our seperate ways and I will pop a little sneak peek up on Facebook within a few days. You are more than welcome to share this images with friends and family. Your final gallery will be completed and uploaded for you to select and download your images, within 2 weeks.