I am so excited to begin taking my photography in a more direct? direction. 2018 is just about here and Cherished Studios will evolve with that. I will still continue with my family photography and portrait service, including my super popular mini sessions throughout the year, but I am also going to place a focus on newborn photography Toowoomba, as well as wedding photography.

Newborn photography has always been of interest to me, I mean how could it not be? So what can you expect with my newborn photography? Well, if you’ve had a family photography session with me, you would know I usually do the formal shots that we all love, but I also like to do more of a lifestyle session. This especially rings true with kids, I love capturing them being them. The giggles, the playing and even the tantrums. My newborn photography sessions will really digress from my family sessions.

I wil be putting the spotlight on very posed images of your precious sweetheart, and I am currently taking formal training to do just that. Safety is my number one priority when it comes to babies, so it is crucially important to me that I am completely trained to do poses correctly and safely. I’m a mum myself, and I certainly would not be willing for a photographer to attempt certain poses without the appropriate training with my children.

Session times are also different to my regular photography. Newborn photography sessions can last for hours. Baby needs to be comfy and happy, so that means feeding breaks, lots of cuddles and changing set ups when bub makes a bit of a mess (they all do it! So, if you have a newborn session with me and baby poops all over my scene, relax, it is totally normal and I am prepared).

You will have the option of having the shoot in my home studio, or in the comfort of your own home. I travel all around Toowoomba and surrounds. During the session, I will need assistance with a few things like spotting baby whilst I shoot, but you will also be able to relax and have a cuppa. I’m basically your own personal babysitter for a few hours! Enjoy mama.

Right now, I’m stocking up on stunning props and continuing with my training. I really cannot wait to share it all with you! So, keep an eye out and follow me on Facebook where I post all of my latest updates and news.

Newborn photography Toowoomba, can’t wait. See you soon mama!