Professional Family Portraits as the Sun Sets

I had been scouting for a new location for ages, and I found this gem in the most unlikely of places. The highway on the edge of Highfields! It’s exactly what dreams are made of for this photographer and was perfect for the Doveton’s family portraits.

Just opposite Danish Flower Art in Highfields, is a great big block of land that I believe is going to be turned into a housing estate. Right now though, it is this beautiful paddock with a lone tree smack bang in the middle. To make it even more perfect, the sun sets directly behind that tree, allowing the rays of light to filter through and wrap a glow around these guys.

After a little walk to get to the tree, it was as though someone had mowed just a little patch of grass to sit on, and then left the rest of the weeds and grass long. Can you tell I’m loving this spot?

The shoot itself was loads of fun, these kids are full of character. Talk about gorgeous! One of my favourite poses with younger kids is to pop them over a shoulder looking back, and then naturally Mum or Dad will give them a tickle. It always manages to bring on the biggest of grins! Here’s a handful of photos from the session. If you would like to book in for this location, let me know! 

Is it time to update the family photos?

If you would like to book in your professional photography session with Cherished Studios, and update the family photos, I’d love to hear from you!